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Goods to inspire a happy life.

We believe in creating goods that are ecologically and socially conscious, so that the products we make have a positive impact on both the people who use them and the people who help us make them, as well as the environment.

Our goods are handmade in the U.S.A.--right here in Nevada--using fair labor practices, and the materials we choose are recyclable (and most are biodegradable, too!). 

We use a non-toxic, low-waste, low-water usage digital printing process in Durham, NC for all of our printed fabrics. All of our waxed canvas fabrics are hand waxed with triple filtered bees wax in Austin, TX to give them a naturally water-resistant finish.

We utilize minimal, recyclable packaging when we ship your items, and keep your order info and packing slips digital to reduce excess waste. In our design and production studio, we strive to reduce waste by designing products that efficiently utilize each material. And, of course, we recycle! :) 

Each product is designed and constructed to last a lifetime and our designs are meant to inspire happiness through color, pattern, and a mission to do good in the world. We hope you love your purchases!