Many of the products in the CDS line are made of digitally printed 100% cotton with cotton duck canvas or nylon lining. These fabrics are machine washable, although hand washing is recommended to avoid excessive shrinking of the canvas lining. Some fading of the printed patterns will occur gradually over time with multiple washes, which is to be expected for prints on natural fiber fabrics. Avoid leaving your pieces in direct sunlight or outdoors for extended periods of time to avoid color fading. 

Waxed canvas fabric is a cotton duck canvas that has been coated with wax to give the fabric a durable, water resistant finish and a beautiful texture that ages nicely with extended use. Machine laundering or submerging these fabrics in water may compromise the wax finish, so spot cleaning with a damp-dry cloth only is recommended. If you get a water spot on the fabric, simply reset the wax finish by laying a dry cloth over the spot and ironing over it (avoid applying the iron directly to the waxed fabric). The unwaxed duck canvas or nylon lining can be pulled out and hand washed if necessary.