Get Creative: Handmade Cotton Rope Coil Bowls

During one of my late night Pinterest binges, I came across a tutorial for rope bowls. Basically, you take cotton rope and wind it around and around while zig-zag stitching it on the sewing machine to create a soft, yet sturdy, bowl. 

I was so inspired that I immediately ordered several different rope thicknesses and started my own project within a few days. These bowls turned out beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. They look great in their natural off-white simplicity, but I had to add a little happy colored thread to give them the signature CDS A+D vibe. I also painted the bottom of a couple of them for a color-blocked aesthetic. 

If you want to try your hand at making your own, I recommend this tutorial. 

white rope bowl with coral accents_top rope bowl with hand painted coral accents_sidemedium rope bowl in hand


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