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Featured Retailer: Adorn Cape Cod


CDS Art + Design is lucky to have a pretty amazing list of retailers. It’s time we highlight their awesomeness with a little Q + A. And if they happen to be in your neck of the woods, give them a visit next time you’re nearby!

Adorn Cape Cod is a sweet little shop in, you guessed it, Cape Cod! It is run by mother and daughter duo Jenny Joy and Molly. Adorn features US-based independent designers and makers.


Q: How did Adorn Cape Cod come to be?

A: In the Fall of 2014, we were both in the prefect position to do something new. I had just moved back to the Cape Cod from living away for a bit and Jenny was ready to quiet down on her decorative painting business. Over the years we had thrown around the idea of opening a shop together so it had always been in the back of our minds, and that Fall we started revisiting the idea. A shop would give us both the creative outlet we needed. One day, out of curiosity, we checked out a vacant building in East Orleans and it was really the perfect space for us. Once we had the space in mind, we did some planning – months of planning that is, as to what direction we wanted to take our space– and Adorn was born. We opened Adorn in May 2015.


Q: What is the best part of running a business with your mother/daughter?

A: I think we would both agree that we could not run this business alone. Working together has been so great because we level each other out and we each have our own strong suits, so we make a really great team. It’s also really fun to work together! Like most mothers and daughters we occasionally bicker about something, but we get over it pretty quick!


Q: What makes Casey D. Sibley Art + Design products fit your shops personality?

A: Jenny and I both love bold colors and prints which you will notice as soon as you walk into the store. When we came across Casey’s designs on etsy wholesale we immediately fell in love with her use of color and the unique designs she was creating for her fabric…we had to have them for Adorn! We have had Casey’s products since we opened and they are one of our big sellers. We love that Casey creates new prints all the time, it keeps the product interesting and unique. We love being able to tell customers that not only does she design and create these hand sewn goods, she even designs the fabric!



Q: Since you live so close to the ocean, how do you bring that beachy feeling into the shop? 

A: We try to create a rustic modern nautical feel in the shop without being to overly “beachy”.  The bright sea foam and teal colored walls in the shop definitely give it that beach vibe but without overdoing it. Throughout the shop there are interesting beach finds that we've collected over the years…like Old oars, glass fishing floats and driftwood that help create a really unique vibe that customers love. We are always changing up the shops design and layout. It’s one of the really fun parts of owning the store.


Q: Do you have any gifting tips for that hard-to-buy-for friend or family member?

A: We always say ‘think outside the box’, find something that they might not think to buy for themselves and try to surprise them! Shopping for others should be fun so try not to stress… and if you need help finding that perfect gift, just ask! We love when customers come to us for advice for gifts!