Ever since participating in the Re:Make fair last month, I have been a little unorganized and trying to get back on top of my little mountain of to-dos. This weekend, I feel like I finally made a little progress! In addition to finally creating new things (yes!), I have also been providing links between all the places I hang out online and making them more accessible. If you look over to the right sidebar on the blog, you will find links to my Etsy, Society6, Flickr, and Spoonflower pages. So, Society6 and Flickr are new additions around here. When it comes down to it, the pattern design is really where I have the most fun, so finding more ways to share that and make it available to you (without stressing too terribly much over sewing a bazillion pillows) is becoming my top priority. I also want to venture into licensing, and I realized that I didn't really have a great place to showcase all the patterns as their own thang.

I have also started a little Tumblr blog, with the intention of being able to share some of my on-the-go posts via Instagram. This is a test run actually...in the future, I may have those posts show up here as well. But not sure yet.

What are your experiences with sharing what you do online? I sometimes wonder where the balance is between sharing too much or too little. And keeping it all relevant. And not being overwhelming (or overwhelmed!).


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