I love to cook when I have people to cook for. And while I consider myself a decent cook, I don't really love it just for the joy of cooking. No, I like to wow people.

I want to see the look of disbelief when someone tastes my food--disbelief at how awesome it is.

"Who made this?" they ask.

"Wow, this is so good!" they say.

And then I give myself a little pat on the back.

After years of repeating this behavior, I have discovered that the following three key ingredients must be used (in unison or alone) to guarantee party-wide appreciation of one's dish:

cheese (almost any variety, includes cream cheese)
sour cream

And that's it! There's my secret!

So when I found this recipe (courtesy of The Pioneer Woman), I knew it was just right for this weekend's get-together. Spinach artichoke dip (and not the ooey-slimey-mayonaise-packed version). This one has a roux base. And four types of cheese. I don't even have to tell you how big of a hit this dip was (it was a big hit).

It's a cheesy, flavorful, easily scoopable, not-too-stringy, creamy wonder. If you love cheese (who doesn't?) you'll love this dip.

My apologies for the less than stellar photos, but I had to show you the yummy bubbly cheese layer that I achieved atop my finished product (I baked it according to the recipe and then broiled it for about 2 minutes) and the smooth n' creamy goodness inside.