::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

Everybody keeps talking about taking The Leap like it's no biggie. Like it's the most possible thing in the world. Right now.

Sure, it's possible (and I'm talking about the proverbial "Everybody" that keeps putting this inspirational get-it-done-don't-be-scared-fear-is-awesome message out there for all of us that are dying to be our own bosses).

But what about when you just can't leap yet? Like, if you leap, you will go into debt, become a burden your significant other, maybe have to ask Mom and Dad to bail you out, and your business fails anyway.

What about when you have a "good job" that pays well and the most feasible way to continue to make a living is to stay there (even when it is mentally and emotionally draining) or find another similar job in that field (that will possibly be exactly the same) because it's the only thing that pays well that you have any experience doing?

What about when you KNOW what you really want to do for a living but just can't afford to live off of it yet? And you are trying to pay off your car. And you have no savings. 

And every day that you have to put off taking The Leap is crushing, especially when it seems like people are just leapin' around all over the freakin' place, left and right...

What do you do then?

Side note: when I refer to "You", I am talking about Me.