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I am thrilled to be a virtual vendor on Poppytalk Handmade this June and July!

I am thrilled to be a virtual vendor on Poppytalk Handmade this June and July!

Starting a business is hard. It's glorious, and it's fun, and it's exciting. But it is hard because getting started always is, isn't it? And it is easy to get discouraged.

But inevitably, the urge to keep going always comes back. With a vengeance. And that's where I am at the moment!

After the Earth Day Festival, I gave myself a little mental break, even though my head was swimming with excitement and ideas for my biz. And then my mom came out to Reno for Mother's Day (which was awesome). So after a short hiatus from being in super production mode, I started brainstorming again and enlisted the insight of another creative and business wiz that I met at the Earth Day Festival.

You guys, I'm really pumped. Over the past month, I have been honing my focus and prototyping new products and thinking of ways to take what I love to do and marry it with what I can do and what the people want. And in addition to the upcoming summer art fairs I am attending, I have also been accepted as a virtual vendor on the "Here Comes the Sun" Poppytalk Handmade market for the months of June and July (which blows my freakin' mind because just a few months ago I felt so far away from being able to do those things...things that other creatives I admire are doing).

Growth is such a funny thing, because it happens so gradually. On a day to day basis, I feel as if I am almost at a standstill, like I am just spinning in my little hamster wheel and not getting anywhere. But when I take a look back, I have traveled many miles. Even if only mentally.

Over the weekend I was catching up on my blogroll and came across this interview with artist Lisa Congdon and then this one with Maria Popova, the creator of Brain Pickings. Both interviews are very in depth and informative and really hit on some great points about making your own way. Go check it out (actually, just check out all the interviews on this site. Good stuff).

p.s. One more thing: go here and take a quick little survey to help me develop a line of pet products I am planning to launch this summer!