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Earth Day 012

So I pulled it off: My very first art fair, where I actually sold a few of my handmade items (to strangers!). I was SO nervous leading up to this event, but looking back I don't really know why I got myself all worked up. My fellow artists were super friendly and I loved the interaction with all the patrons perusing my tent and asking about my work. And I was lucky enough to have a few awesome friends help me set up and break down my display (and offer me relief for bathroom breaks because I have the bladder of a two year old).

As usual for Reno, the weather was amazing. Although, at one point, my worst case scenario happened: my art print display took to the wind like a sail and everything went flying to the ground. But it was really no biggie and the day was almost over anyway!

Remember when I wrote this post about not being busy? Well I was eating my words last week, because I was slammed with to-dos for the fair. But it was a good kind of busy and yesterday evening when I was driving myself and my wares back home, I had a serious excitement hangover. I called my mom afterward and bombarded her with one-sided hyper conversation for about twenty minutes.

Oh! And! I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Jennings, a creative business coach living in Reno who is pretty much a wiz of creative business knowledge. I enjoyed her company so much during those last [windy!] moments at the fair. This girl lit a fire under me and I can't wait to work with her in the near future!

With all the preparing, I managed to produce several new items for my shop (things I have been wanting to make for a while now), so those will be listed as soon as I can schedule a nice block of daylight hours for photographing everything.

The whole experience was so positive. I had enough sales to cover the cost of registering for the event (plus a little extra that I am designating as "celebration" money) and I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. I was also very pleased with my display--not bad at all for pulling it together in a week!

Earth Day 009

New art panels, coming soon!

Earth Day 013

New pillow covers with my designs

Earth Day 015

MugStudios even made a little cameo...

Earth Day 005

The overall view of my tent...so glad I was able to fill up two tables!