::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

[caption id="attachment_714" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Experimenting with my new camera. These are the small plants in my apartment that I haven't killed yet :) Experimenting with my new camera. These are the small plants in my apartment that I haven't killed yet. This red one even has new blooms![/caption]

I used to have a blog several years ago that I posted in almost daily where I lamented about my personal problems and failed relationships.

I loved writing that blog. It was one of the most therapeutic things I did at the time. Eventually, I grew kind of sick of myself--and maybe even matured a bit--and ditched the blog. But the one thing that was so nice about it was that it was anonymous. I felt like I could talk about anything with little consequence. So I did. And lord help me if it ever re-surfaces...I might crawl under a rock with embarrassment for all the angst-y T.M.I. things I wrote.

But now, having a blog that is part of my business seems to be a much different animal. I usually get the urge to write when I am pondering something pretty intensely, and sometimes I think that the things I am pondering may not be that interesting (business woes, finding my niche, yadda, yadda), so I put it off.

Maybe I should come up with a blogging schedule and stick to at least one or two posts a week. Even if they are short. It's a work in progress...

Anyhow! I have a few updates to get me back into the blogging groove:

1. I got engaged! My boyfriend fiance, Alan, has spent every summer of our relationship in Alaska for field work related to his Ph.D studies, and this year, he popped the question a few days before leaving. We are thrilled. And a little daunted by wedding planning activities (and a growing guest list). Not gonna lie, we have already fantasized about eloping. Anyway, I love this man with all my heart and knew after our first date that he was marriage material...after a couple of weeks, I was certain that I wanted to marry him (people always say you just know, and I used to think they were full of crapola, but yeah, I knew). We are planning to be married in October 2014.

2. I decided on a whim to participate in my very first art fair this weekend. I decided to do it on Monday. MONDAY! And the event is on SUNDAY! I may be crazy, and I am certainly a little overwhelmed with to-dos, but I knew that at some point I had to stop planning to do one and just do it. So this is me just doing it. I'm nervous and feel unorganized, but at the very least I hope it is a learning experience that makes the next one that much easier to prepare for.

3. I am now officially a licensed architect in the state of Nevada. Woohoo! So for those of you that do not know how it all goes: to become an architect I had to attend 5 years of architecture school, complete 3 years of internship, and take a series of 7 grueling exams covering everything from structural calculations to air conditioning systems. Needless to say, I am relieved to have reached this goal. So is my mom, because now she can finally tell her friends and coworkers that her daughter is a real architect.

4. I finally bought myself a nice camera. I found a refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T3 on this site (thanks to the recommendation of a friend). It came with a standard 18-55mm IS II lens kit and I added an EF 50mm f/1.8 II auto focus lens to use for my product photography. I have been using Alan's old Olympus point and shoot for too long and it's been a struggle to get great photos with it. Well, he took it with him to Alaska and since I had no back-up, I thought it was time to invest in my own. I know very, VERY little about using a nice SLR so I am anxiously looking forward to getting acquainted. It makes a huge difference in my photography already with much less effort.

5. In general, I have been seeing a tiny bit of growth and exposure for my small biz. When I think back over how much I have grown as a budding entrepreneur, it's exciting. I still get discouraged and wish I knew the secret to over night success and surviving on no sleep (hint: there is no secret, except hard work and patience). BUT whenever I am feeling like I am not growing fast enough, I just ask myself this question: If today was the first day after starting your business, would you be excited about the response to your work? What about the first month? The answer: yes.

So there it is folks. An update. Things are well. Hopefully I'll be back here posting again soon.

Thanks for reading!