::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

With Spring just around the corner (and peeking its head out to taunt us here in Reno) I have been having urges to purge my possessions and deep clean the apartment.

spring fever

When I moved to Reno, I went through a major purge in order to make the road trip from Mississippi less stressful. It was such a good idea and really rearranged my ideas on owning things. Looking back, I think I could have eradicated even more of my possessions and had an even fresher start in our new town.

Up until that point, I was a bit of a pack rat, saving arbitrary things (mostly clothing...an obsession, really) and papers and accumulating stuff because I found it on sale or it was passed on from someone else who didn't need it anymore. But after the Big Purge, I realized how much my possessions were stressing me out. It was so nice to have so little to be responsible for during one of the biggest moves of my life.

A few days ago, I read this post about living with less and remembered that great feeling. Then I looked around my apartment and realized how much crap I have accumulated over the past year and eight months since moving here. I am this close to pulling everything out of our closets and getting rid of anything that is non-essential. I threatened Alan with a garage sale this weekend and I might just do it.

There's something really nice about living small, but it is so easy to start living large (and cramped). We have a small apartment in a small neighborhood, surrounded by small older homes and a small restaurant and coffee shop just down the street. It's quite nice, actually. With Alan nearing the point of completion with his studies in a couple of years, it has me thinking about what type of life we will create for ourselves as "grown-ups". In a world of mass consumption, the thought of living small has a nice feel to it. I never want to live above my means and have been working to reverse my irresponsible financial choices of the past by hammering down debt and getting to a place of financial "ahhhh". Wouldn't it be nice to be in a place where home is actually where the heart is and not just a place for all our stuff? Where I can create a stress free and low-maintenance sanctuary for my family and focus on all the adventures and experiences to come...

It's a nice thought, isn't it?