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stone garden midnightWhen I was in architecture school, busy was a way of life. I felt guilty if I ever had a free moment to myself because surely there was something I should have been working on (and there usually was something to be working on). But I never fully embraced that way of life--and stress--and to this day have a sort of rebellious spirit when it comes to being busy.

Now that I am out of college and working, I find that a lot people glorify being busy. I never really feel busy, though. I don't kill myself with long hours at my day job. Sure, most nights when I get home, I busy myself with projects for my side business, but I never truly feel busy enough and when others are lamenting about how busy they are, all I can think is: I'm not that busy.
Sample conversation:

Me: Hey, how's it goin'?

Busy Person: I'm so busy.

Me: ...

Okay, so truth time: the last couple of weeks I have been in total burn-out mode. I come home after work and don't wanna do anything. I think my brain is in a bit of analysis paralysis. For a while there I was coming home everyday and working on my business and completely filling my weekend with projects to build my inventory. Then, I landed a few opportunities with MugStudios and almost immediately afterward, I hit a wall. And I think it is because I actually sat down for the first time since I have started this business and made a list of all the things that will keep me busy from now until the end of July--which is when I will participate in my first ever art fair. So I guess my little rebellious subconscious is doing its thang now (but I still feel guilty like I did in school for not being busy). And maybe there is a part of me that is scared to put myself out there in a new way, where I will have to actually watch people interact with my art. Maybe.

This past weekend I managed to pull myself out of the funk long enough to work on some new fabric designs I will have printed. I even hosted a little poll on my Facebook page to get feedback on colors (the Facebook polls are always surprisingly so much fun--I have to do more of them). Getting great feedback gave me the little kick in the pants I needed and now I am excited to get to work.