::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!


Today I want to encourage you to check out the Four Finger Fundraiser Pop Up Shop. This online shop was created to raise money for Jonathan and Amber Perrodin of Perrodin Supply Co., a mom & pop style business that prides itself on old-fashioned friendships and exceptional products. On February 22nd, Jonathan, the woodworker of this duo, cut off his right index finger while working in the shop. As a result, the Perrodins have incurred large medical bills as well as a loss of valuable time for their small business.

I am new to the online handmade community, but have seen these guys popping up here and there and am really touched by the support of the artists involved. I have donated a few handmade goods from my own shop in hopes that I can contribute to their recovery fund.

Please head over to the Four Finger Fundraiser and check out all of the fantastic products up for sale. Also, if you are not interested in buying anything but would like to help, there is an option to donate money. All proceeds will be donated to the Perrodin Family! You can also learn more about the story and get updates over at the FFF blog. Thanks, Everyone!