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When I first got the idea for this post, I sat down to write it and got off on this major tangent that became more about only one area of my life in which I am trying to be more passionate and less about what the title of this post eludes to.

Then I read this post, and it whipped me right back around to where I meant to be (it was actually kinda weird that I found it).

I have a lot of passion for many things in my personal and social life, and relishing in the small moments comes fairly easy to me. But when it comes to certain areas (the parts of my life that feel like have-to-dos), it is sometimes easy for me to take a grass-is-greener approach. And that's kinda lame.

While I wholeheartedly believe that I should always be searching for the things that bring me joy, it is dangerous to dismiss the things that "don't". This revelation has become increasingly apparent to me lately and I have been making a conscious effort to appreciate the "have-to-do" routines in which I have been privileged to participate.

Instead of letting myself build up resentment for the things I feel are out of my control, I need to be an active participant in everything I do. I think it is way too easy to retreat into myself and power through hard times with my head down, trying to lay low and bear through it. I'm telling you now that this is not the best way to do it.

I decided to start approaching these things in a different way...sort of like an experiment, just to see what would happen. When I pushed myself out of the protective shell I had created and engaged, those hard times weren't so hard after all. I stopped being so passive, and I made the situation better, not only for myself, but for the people that had to interact with me as well. As a result, I felt more passion for the have-to-dos and they felt more like want-to-dos. Plus, I allowed others to bear through it with me.

Without getting too deep and emotional over it all, I just thought it was an important lesson. While it doesn't mean I have found the secret to never having another bad day, it does mean that I actually have more control over the outcome of my day than I thought. It also doesn't mean that I have to sacrifice my passions. They are still very much there. But by bringing my best self into every situation (telling stories, giving [unsolicited] advice, and trying to make people laugh), the day or task or whatever becomes less about what I'm not able to do, and more about what I am.

I think that's what makes the great parts of my life so great. I bring my whole self to the party without hesitation or a second thought. Without even thinking about it, I let myself enjoy life and I focus on the positive. And that's what I am trying to practice in all areas of my life.

On that note, have a Happy Monday :)