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Dolly Parton

I'm generally a pretty motivated person, always thinking about what comes next and how to make stuff happen. While I usually feel excited about whatever may be next, it is easy to get overwhelmed and let down when things do not happen exactly as I had imagined.

But I know that I have to stay motivated, even when I'm feeling kinda crappy about it all. I read, I research, take courses and do as much as I can to attend the University of Me. I also follow the work of others that are doing the things that I want to do (some people call this cyber-stalking, I call it silent mentoree-ing).

I wrote this post a while back on being a pro. It seems simple, but sometimes that's the toughest part: acting like a pro when I feel like I am flailing around like a crazy person trying to figure this stuff out. I'm getting used to the blank stares (maybe my inner ego is just little bit paranoid).

When I look back on the past several months, I feel okay giving myself a little pat (maybe a very gentle tap) on the back for the little milestones so far. I got the ball rolling. I put myself out there more. And I became at home with talking about about my art. I used to be terrified to talk about it.

The small changes that I have seen in my business, my art, and myself have only happened because I took action. That's kinda huge, when I think about it. And just seeing that little bit of progress has motivated me to keep on truckin'.

So a couple of exciting things that have happened recently due to taking action:

1. I contacted a local pet boutique and they agreed to have my MugStudios information posted in their store.

2. I also contacted the Northern Nevada SPCA to tell them that I want to start offering a donation from a portion of each pet portrait sale (and to make sure there were no legal requirements for doing so). The woman who responded was super enthusiastic and supportive. I also agreed to provide a pet portrait door prize for their upcoming telethon, and they will promote MugStudios during and on the SPCA Facebook page. Kinda cool!

A couple of things I am still figuring out:

1. How to find my niche with Casey D. Sibley art. I have recently shifted more of my focus to the pet portraits, but I really want to find a place for my other art in this world.

2. Creating a more clear overall brand, both with Casey D. Sibley and MugStudios.


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