::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

So, it has been a while since I last posted. Between all the New Year "stuff" and life and trying to wrap my brain around a few business-y things, I have neglected this blog.

For starters, I am now officially a wordpress.org user, meaning I have more control over my blog design (although I haven't decided if this is good or bad...yet). This explains why my blog looks a little haggard these days (working on that, too).

Secondly, I have been ramping up my MugStudios efforts. I approached a local pet boutique and bakery called Scraps and the owner agreed to have my pet portrait information posted in two of her stores (!!).

And since I have decided to give a little more to MugStudios, I have also decided that I should create a stronger online portfolio of pet portraits, which brings me back to wanting more control over my site. Eventually, I would like to have a sweet little online gallery with all the information related to MugStudios available to potential future-pet-portrait-owners. So I have been reading and researching and trying to learn more about website design (including the purchase of several of those "Dummies" books). But I also realize this will be a slow process. I'm going to take it little by little and try to make this a fun learning experience instead of a focus-on-one-thing-and-freak-out-when-it-does-not-work-immediately experience.

So, overall, things have been going well. I'm still working on that thing called balance. But I have learned that being more present in each moment without letting my mind wander to all the things I should be doing instead helps. For instance, Sunday? I was finally able to play around with the blog (after over a week of domain transfers and connecting the knee bone to the thigh bone in website terms), and started getting to that freak out moment. But then! We had plans to cook home made duck pho for our friends and that was such an involved process that it took my mind off of my to-dos. I also made a lot of bread. I love making bread. Punching and kneading a hunk of sticky dough to smooth, elastic perfection is some of the best therapy out there (it is a great shoulder and bicep workout as well). And then you get to eat it which is even better. I like mine warm, slathered with butter and honey.

After wine and dinner and a game of Carcasson, I was content and exhausted and ready for bed. That is a pretty nice way to end a weekend, I think.

P.S. For those of you who are like me and a total novice with HTML and CSS, I found a helpful resource yesterday with links to online tutorials and videos. So far my favorites are here. Happy coding (is that an oxymoron?)!