Having all of last week off was great. I had a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish, most of which I was able to do. Some of which I wasn't. However, as a result I have several new items in my shop and I am feeling rejuvenated.


On Friday, I introduced two new tea towel designs, as well as four pillow covers and one zippered pouch.


Floral Chevron Tea Towel

Organic Floral Tea Towel

I'm really getting into the screen printing, and (thanks to an Amazon gift card courtesy of my fantastic little brother) purchased two new screens for my kit so that I don't have to reclaim my [one] screen every time I want to switch designs. It makes the whole screen-making process a lot less pressured since I tend to over think and fret over things that have a sense of permanency...it has something to do with perfection and not wanting to screw it up :)


Floral Chevron Zipper Pouch


I have also been practicing my sewing skills, making sturdy products that can stand the wear and tear of every day use (I have tested each product in my own home, where I can assure you they are run through the ringer!).


Honeycomb Floral Pillow Cover

Floral Chevron Pillow Cover

Organic Floral Pillow Cover


Still to come are scarves. I just have to work out a few logistics of the product photography. I had fabric printed through Spoonflower for the scarves and they turned out nice. However, if I revisit the scarf project, I want to experiment with screen printing my own fabric.


Happy Monday!