Here we are! It is officially a new year filled with all the potential to be great.This time of year always gets me in an inspirational mood (as I am sure it does for many people). I always promise to eat better, exercise more, and be generally more proactive with my goals.


Happy New Year!


This year, though, I feel like more is at stake. My goals are more about what actions I can take to yield the greatest result for my small business. I want to seek the life and livelihood that I dream of--a life that, not so long ago, I thought might just be unattainable. But i don't feel that way anymore, and I am convinced that if I keep the momentum going and give it my best shot, good things will happen.


This year, I vow to do more. Be more disciplined. Be brave (this is a big one for me).


My list of resolutions is long. But here are a few highlights:


1. Write a business plan. This intimidates me and I have made many excuses over the past few months about why I didn't really need a business plan. Well, I decided to give myself a little kick in the pants and started writing it out a couple of nights ago. I was afraid to put it all in writing because I didn't have it all figured out yet. But you know what? I started to figure it out as I wrote. I even had a little epiphany about what I want out of one part of my business and how to [maybe, just maybe] make it happen. And? I was kinda impressed with myself once I made something so official-looking (<--can you tell I am new at this?).


2. Pay off my car. This one may not seem like a business related goal, but one of my biggest fears about having a creative business is not being able to support myself (or being a burden to others). I decided earlier this year to really hammer down my debt so that I could afford to take a leap on less income, should the opportunity arise (and I am very happy to say that I paid off all my credit cards a few months ago--it feels really good). And with less debt, I can put more money aside for a rainy day.


3. Make my work more visible locally. Okay, so this one? Scares the living crap out of me. I'm still sort of figuring out what my products need to be (excuse) and it's hard to ask someone, face to face, to like my work (excuse). I wish I could hide behind the internet all day and that people would just come to me (EXCUSE), but that may never happen. I really have to put myself out there.


4. Find balance. This is one of those things that I always heard others say, but never truly related to until recently. While I have definitely made a shift in my life to find more time for my passion, other things have been pushed aside (like exercising regularly). The time is there. I just have to utilize it. And I need to also use some of that time to refresh and reset the clock (without feeling guilty!).


So, that's just a taste of what I have planned for the year. Wish me luck (I mean, hard work and dedication)!


What are your big goals for this year?


Happy New Year!