::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

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Every year around the holidays, I always find myself stressin' out over what to get who and how to get it to them on time and when to find the time to get it all done before making the journey back to my hometown.


As much as I love to see the family, the thought of paying an exorbitant amount of money for airfare and traveling through two layovers both ways and an overnight stay in the airport in order to get to my hometown and back was just. too. much. to get excited about. And all this with Christmas booty in tow...


This year I decided to have a Christmas staycation.


And now I can't even lie to y'all...I am so looking forward to having that whole week off to focus on those [late] Christmas gifts and spend some quality time in the studio diversifying my shop collection.


I have some sweet friends in town who have invited me over for an authentic holiday linner (between lunch + dinner). And I have had offers to go ice skating and snow shoeing, although I would be perfectly content to make soup, eat nachos and bury myself in projects all week.


I also have a Living Social massage that I plan to redeem. Kinda 'cited 'bout that!


The only trick now is to just not over schedule my whole week (like I usually do on the weekends) and end up disappointed that I didn't get everything done. Maybe I will over schedule, but just not beat myself up over the unfinished stuff. Or: maybe I will totally crush my to-do list.


Things to look forward to in the shop in the next couple of weeks:


:::: pillow covers :::: zipper pouches (once I figure out the zipper part) :::: scarves :::: more tea towels :::: a few new designs for screen prints ::::


I'm sure this list will grow.