::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

Well, it's almost Christmas and I have to say...


I'm kinda freaking out a little because my whole schtick this year was to only give edible and handmade gifts. I have done nothing!


I guess I was completely sidetracked by all the things I want to do for my creative business endeavors (selfish much?). Speaking of which, I added new items to both of my shops:


While I did a lot this weekend, I still did not manage to get everything done that I had planned. The one frustrating thing about it all is that the weekend goes by so fast, probably because I have so much fun, eh? eh? I am starting to get to the point that every activity that involves waiting makes me feel frantic and impatient. Like, yesterday, I was in the fabric store to have fabric cut for a new project. I took a number to wait for my turn and then all these women came swarming from the aisles who had already taken their number. All I could think was craaaaap. I only waited for maybe 30 minutes, but by the time I returned home I felt like the day was gone. It was only noon! I don't want to be the type that complains about never having enough time, but I wish I had more time. Edit: I wish I could function without sleep.

Alan and I wrapped up the weekend with duck pho Sunday dinner made (from scratch!) by our friend, Erik, the recipient of this painting. The man can cook some pho! I should have taken pictures. It was legit and delicious. Alan went over early to watch him make it, so I keep reminding him that I expect duck pho very soon. He keeps reminding me that I need to get the recipe from Erik. Let the standoff begin (in all fairness, if Alan did make it, I would just hover over him the whole time and micro-manage).

I have promised myself that this week I will get my act together and finish my holiday making. I think I have my mom and my brother figured out, but as usual I do not know what to do for my dad. The man is so hard to buy for. I usually end up getting him a new shirt (that he will never wear) and painting him a picture of a car (he likes hot rods and owns a car customizing business back home). This year I want to do something different...still pondering.