::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

Last night I was pleased to come home and find that my custom printed fabric came in the mail! I am equal parts excited and anxious to get started on some scarves that I was planning for the new print. Excited because I will have another product to present in my shop. Anxious because it could be a total flop. If it doesn't sell in the shop, at least I will have a couple of Christmas gifts to give away...


chevron fabric


While I am happy with the fabric result, I am wondering if it will be feasible to continue to have the fabric printed this way. The fabric printing at Spoonflower is priced a little high. I was thinking that maybe I could switch over to printing solely through the screen printing process, but there are limitations with that as well (especially since I am a total novice). Anyhow, we will see how it goes.


I'm looking forward to having some progress images to post this weekend (good or bad)!