::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

Yesterday was a very good day. After so much hand-wringing and reading and researching and wondering if I should take a leap of faith, I finally did and the response was wonderful.


Of course it helped that I had something new to present to the world. But goodness, it was so inspiring just getting positive feedback! My head was racing all day at work (sorry, Boss) with all the new projects I wanted to begin.


Last night, I experimented with a couple of color options for one of my more popular prints (which I plan to post first thing this morning, while everyone is checking their Etsy, Facebook and Twitter accounts during that first hour of the work day):


[caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="584"]organic sketch (nectarine) ©caseydsibley 2012[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_329" align="aligncenter" width="584"]organic sketch (grey jade) ©caseydsibley 2012[/caption]


And, according to Alan's email (I hovered over his shoulder while he searched), my new screen printing kit will be here today! Joy! Happiness! Messy apartment!


Oh, and my custom printed fabric from Spoonflower will be here this week. I mean, feast or famine, y'all! I feel like I have been doing all this behind-the-scenes work with little to show for it [for weeks] and now things are picking up again.


Alan and I also searched through his bird book during dinner last night for subjects of future animal portraits. We have a heard (flock? gang?) of quail that hangs out in our alley. I get a little kick out of watching them haughtily scurry for cover. I laugh to myself and point it out to Alan every time. I want to paint one and try to capture it's beautiful snobbery. In addition to the birds, I want to find other animals that I can paint and reproduce as prints to offer more affordable versions of my animal art over at MugStudios.


Now I must take a moment to reflect: not so long ago, I had loads of creative ideas but felt like there was no time to really devote to them since I had a full-time grown up job. I would come home after work everyday and sit on my tookis and watch t.v. and fall asleep around 8:30. Since I have made the decision to focus more on my art, I have never had more energy or been able to find more time for all the things I want to do.