Handmade accessories and homegoods to inspire a happy life, designed and made with love in Nevada!

Creative homemade gifts have always been the go-to when trying to decide what to get my family members on special occasions. One Christmas, I decided to paint portraits of my family's pets. Since then, I have continued painting the pet portraits and have even been selling a few.


I recently decided to fine tune my process a little more, as well as narrow down what I can offer and I opened an Etsy shop just for the portraits (before, when someone wanted a pet portrait, I would just make a custom listing on my current Etsy shop, but I want to keep things more organized now that I have re-vamped my shop).


So, MugStudios was born! I have a few examples of my work in the shop and hope to get many more.


By the way, happy [late] Thanksgiving!