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In my quest to figure out how to make my passion into my dream job, I have come across many wonderful ladies online leading the way in creative entrepreneurship. Recently, I read not one, but two, amazing and inspiring posts urging those of us that have a dream and goal in mind to stop acting like amateurs and start acting like pros.


That hits home for me, big time. For much of my adult life, I have dismissed my own passions as hobbies and assumed that I should be something else because I wasn't really trained to do my hobby passion. I have regularly compared myself (bad idea) to others who are doing exactly what I want to do and think Well, they have had training to do that...


That way of thinking will get me nowhere. I wasn't trained to do my passion because it came to me naturally.


It is [still] hard for me to say it, but I am already a pro.


I want to erase that last sentence. I think it means that I have to hold myself accountable now.


Lately, I talk a lot about wanting to take my passion more seriously, but I have a hard time even verbalizing how I will do it. I hold back because I assume people will think it is a frivolous goal. Even now, I talk about this It with no solid identity...because if I seal It in black and white on this public forum, I have given myself a definitive goal that will mark me as a failure if I do not achieve it.


So here it is: I want to be an artist. I want to apply my designs, drawings, and paintings to textiles. I want to create items out of those textiles. And I want those items to be used every day by many people.


I know that to make it happen, I have to be brave and promote myself, even when it feels uncomfortable. I have to try a lot of different techniques and experiment with a lot of different ideas. I have to work my ass off. And I have to be able to talk about it. Definitively.


And finally, I have to act like a pro.