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Somewhere in the midst of trying to get a grip on EVERYTHING I might possibly need to do in order to get myself "out there", I became overwhelmed and decided to focus all of my energy on one thing: this blog.


Well, guess what? I didn't get much done.


I have seriously worked myself into multiple headaches trying to learn how to completely re-code my entire blog (something I do not know how to do) and was almost in tears yesterday morning trying to figure it all out. What. The. Eff. That's not productive.


Then I stepped away from the blog. And it hit me.


I am putting way too much energy on one thing. And I need to stop it.


Enter: audible sigh of relief.


Why did I do this? Welp, probably because I am trying to make about a bazillion things happen all at once and needed to have at least one thing that I felt in control of.


What I do need to focus on right now are those textile designs I have been dreaming of for so long (fabric samples came in the mail this weekend!). I need to work on redesigning my packaging. I need to update my header (again). I need to get some freakin' art out there! I need to do all the things that I have the luxury of doing right now and not get so bogged down over the things that are not top priority.


[caption id="attachment_264" align="alignnone" width="583"] the start of a few new designs that I abandoned during my CSS and HTML freakout[/caption]


I want this blog to be a place to share and get feedback and vent. I have been so stressed over coding that I have had no desire to write, which completely defeats the purpose of having the blog in the first place. Ah ha! Epiphany. Sorta.


Also, I can get a satisfactory design out of this blog template [for the time being] with much less effort until I have the where-with-all and know-how to really improve my digs up in here. I need to learn to do it little by little and not burn myself out. Because, I gotta tell ya, I'm fried right now and the weekend is gone.


I'm just going to keep moving forward and try to keep inspiration and creativity high on my list of priorities. And hugs for the boyfriend and the pooch. Yes, those are definitely important, too.


[caption id="attachment_263" align="aligncenter" width="584"] the little buddy: keepin' it real[/caption]