One thing I have been dreaming of breaking into is textiles. I have toyed with the idea of screen printing, but am nervous to spend the money on the equipment before having a better idea of what I am getting myself into. I see so many wonderful projects on Etsy and they make it look so easy. But after reading about it a little more, I think it is quite a process that may be too large and too messy for my current apartment studio.


There is a website called that will print my designs onto fabric. That is a good place to start. I ordered fabric samples night and I am now working on a few designs that can be translated into a larger pattern. I'm going to try a variation of smaller patterns (think scarves and accessories) and larger patterns (think pillows and home decor).


Screen printing at home is still on my mind, though. I'll probably do some small trials with an inexpensive kit to get a feel for it.