::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

Last night I stayed up late playing around with CSS coding for this blog. It took me a while to strip it down to the simple format it is in now. I was basically going through and deleting code and then checking to see what happened - trial and error, cave woman style. I'm not sure what I learned from it, other than I was able to get to a blog style that is slightly what I want it to be (in about quadruple the amount of time it would take a web designer who knows what they are doing). I still want to change several things about the layout, but for now, I feel it is a good start.


Now I need to work on the header. I threw one together yesterday morning, just to get rid of the trolley car default picture that was showing up as a part of the WordPress template that I started with. The vibe I am going for is: simple, clean, and letting the pictures and artwork do the visual talking around here.


I am ready to kick it into high gear! Here's to a productive weekend.