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Happy New Year!

The beginning of a fresh year is always exciting for me--so many ideas for growth and change. I don't know why I wait, but usually by about November of each year, anything "new" I have swimming around in my brain gets put into the "I'll do that in January" pile.

If there's just one thing that I can pinpoint that brought me the most personal growth as it relates to my business in 2014, it was the #makingeveryday challenge. I started that project with a real fear of putting new work out into the world that wasn't perfect or really well thought through. But once I started posting updates, I received SO much positive feedback that it sort of blew me away. The challenge also got me out of a major creative funk, and even inspired a few new products for my line. 

And something about going through the motions of the #makingeveryday challenge thickened my skin to venture in to other projects that I kept putting off in the past (scarves and jumbo storage bins, to be precise).

So this year, I wanted another scheduled challenge. While the challenge to make something every day was great for my slacker tendencies, it was also kind of a pain in the rear on the days when I truly did not have the time to post new projects. And when business picked up for the holidays, I was technically making something every day, but felt that posting it would be kind of redundant. 

So! This time around, I'm making it a weekly challenge with room for extra posts when the mood strikes. My first post hit Instagram on Saturday, and I was thinking that I would include a blog post follow-up on Mondays or Tuesdays. This week's #52weeksofpatternplay was the result of a DIY project I developed for a Girls' Night Out craft class I am teaching at the Nevada Museum of Art this March. The museum will have an aboriginal art exhibit, so we decided to have a class inspired by that! Also, I  just discovered aboriginal art in the last six months and fell in love. The art style is similar in the shapes and forms that I am drawn to in my own work, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Anyhow, I hope you will follow along! And I hope your year is filled with good things.