::: shop announcement ::: We've moved to Michigan!

So I finally listed the newest jumbo storage bins in the shop! For a limited time (until Thursday at midnight, West Coast time), these will all be available for pre-order at 20% off. After that, the price goes back up and I will have a limited quantity available. I really just want to see how these do in the marketplace! I love them, and have already started using the prototypes in my own home. We have a small home with very limited storage space, so these are being put to use for fabric storage, electrical cord storage (where did all those cords come from!?), and I even use one as my string/fabric scraps trash bin when I am sewing.

I have been working on these for weeks, trying to coordinate a November launch along with other goodies (coming soon!). The small fabric buckets have been one of my most popular items, and I wanted to provide something large and sturdy for a more hefty storage solution. The only problem was cost of materials. So that was hindering me for a while (or maybe just killing my motivation to develop the product). 

Well! A couple of months ago, I was in touch with the amazing Stephanie of Baba Souk, a shop I have wanted to work with for a long time, and she suggested a collaboration AND an interest in larger storage bins or laundry baskets. So we got to work and collaborated on these exclusive Stegosaurus Storage Bins (and I found a way to make them more affordable to make). I loved them so much, that I decided to develop them a little further with a few new pattern designs. 


The designs were actually derived from my #makingeveryday project on Instagram. I had been experimenting with new hand printed fabric methods. I love the bold and modern aesthetic of the jumbo prints on the jumbo bins. 

And I thought it was only appropriate to bring that aesthetic to my traditional smaller fabric buckets--so the small canvas buckets are a new spin on an old favorite in my line.