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 Shibori scarves for #makingeveryday

I know! It's only October. But it's already October.

I've been planning a launch of a small collection of hand-printed and slow-crafted goods for mid-November, and already I am realizing that the schedule I set for myself is not adequate. I just put in an order for digitally printed scarf samples (which I am super pumped about), but I am afraid it will get here WAY after the date I had planned for those. Which is not the end of the world, but I want to have those on the site when I launch the rest of the collection. 

Now I am just rambling.

But back to next year...

Since I started the #makingeveryday project on Instagram, I have been flooded with ideas. Some of which I am saving for the new year. One idea in particular, inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe's year long project, is to have a monthly limited edition product. There are SO many different products and projects that I have been wanting to try out that I think would be ideal for something like that. Also? Having little projects on board to keep myself accountable--and most importantly, continuously creating--has been amazing. I want to continue doing it.

This coming weekend I am also attending the Create Explore Discover art retreat in Truckee, CA. I am designing artwork for and printing the promotional aprons that will be given to all the attendees. I am SO excited! And I can't wait to make connections with the other makers and instructors (and maybe get even more inspiration for making every day and my other projects).