I've been getting into a nice groove with the #makingeveryday project, and I am starting to make some things that I really, really love. I have always admired bright and colorful and cheerful abstract art. In the past when I would attempt this myself, it never came together. So I gave up on it (temporarily). Lately I have been forcing myself to explore it--focus on the forms and brushstrokes and composition. Because of the abstract nature of these paintings, sometimes I don't really have a clear idea in my mind of what I want. I know which colors I like, whether I want to go really bold, or more subdued, and the overall feel that I want to achieve. My type-A personality wants to know...but maybe that's not so much type-A as it is impatience. I have become more engaged with the process. And the surprise and excitement that I get from seeing the painting emerge the way it does naturally is the reward for giving that process a little room to breathe.

So anyhow, after painting these two paintings and seeing the work unfold itself, I started thinking about how it relates to life (so woo-woo, but so good). I began this project out of a desire to explore a little more into my own style--something I felt like I was straying from in my creative business lately. I wanted a mental break from creating something under a cloud of worry that it was not going to be successful and free myself from getting caught up in whether or not it fit my "brand". In general, I was facing the business blues ("what am I doing? Is this what I love, or what I think others will love? Others are doing so much better than I am"). So I gave myself permission to take a step back. Not necessarily to change everything, just to give it room to breathe and stop trying to force the outcome. I'm getting ideas and feeling a little more clarity and letting some things go that I once thought were so important. It's okay to not know the outcome.