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It's been a week since I started my Making Every Day project. I thought about doing a project like this for a very long time. But I only thought about it. I resisted pursuing it, because I didn't want to open myself up to criticism or be labeled "one of those people" doing something ridiculous on social media. And, If I am being totally honest, a couple of years ago, I started a project (that I didn't really announce or commit to) where I planned to post an inspirational message online every day for a year. That lasted for about three days. Maybe two. It just felt icky putting myself out there and trying to connect with people on an emotional level. It feels icky to type that. Talking about emotions? Connecting? People? Icky.


So now I am only a week in to this project, and I'm having fun with it. I needed this. And still, every day, I hesitate to tap the 'share' button. I sort of agonize over it immediately after doing so.

So far, the response has been totally positive. No one (yet) has commented: "YOU SUCK AND YOUR WORK SUCKS AND THIS IS A STUPID PROJECT!"


And if someone did post that? I think I would be ok.


One small personal victory has been the initial results of my exploration into abstract painting. One frustrating thing, for me, about making art is having this simultaneously clear and mysterious vision of a piece and being unable to execute it on canvas. On Monday, I was in a vortex of creative disappointments and decided to keep going, keep experimenting. Eventually I came away with something that felt really good: My favorite painting so far.


I'm not even exactly sure why, but there is something powerful about doing a project like this. From this side of the project, I feel a little awkward over it (actually, really similar to the way I felt when I started my business). But when I see other people doing these things, I am so inspired. Brene Brown does a great job of nailing down the power of vulnerability in her TED Talk. I love that one.


Anyhow, a week in and I feel more confident than I did on day three, when I threw together a cactus-looking painting last minute (and a painting of a blank canvas on day four). I'm also kind of pumped to have a record of all these little projects at the end of the year. A more diverse portfolio of work will be nice, too.