So I've been thinking a lot lately about starting a "project-a-day" challenge for myself. I have always enjoyed making things (painting, drawing, trying to turn an idea into something beautiful with my hands). When I graduated from college and got a real grown-up job, I still painted and doodled but it was rare and when it did happen I would immerse myself in one project to the point that I was totally drained and sort of came to the conclusion that fun projects like that were too time consuming, and I didn't have time for them (but really I was just tired after a long day at work and wanted to watch reality TV). Also, I didn't have a space in my home dedicated to making art or other creative projects, so dragging out supplies and then putting them away was too much of a hassle.

Ok, so fast forward to our move to Reno: no job, lots of time on my hands, and a desire to paint (and soon, overcoming my fear of trying to sell my artwork). Once I had officially put myself out there and had the teensiest bit of encouragement, I was absolutely overcome with the NEED to do it for the rest of my life, like every day.

I remember walking Scout one morning and being consumed with joy over selling a painting (I probably wasn't even looking before crossing the street)...and I thought "I have to find a way to make this a bigger part if my life".

Since then I have been rearranging my life to make it possible to make a living doing something I love. And it's been the BEST decision I have ever made. HOWEVER! While I love running this creative business, sometimes it's all too easy to get caught up in the actual business and worry and fret over how/when/why I will be successful with it so that it pays the bills consistently. I'm guessing this is natural. So I just wanted to have something creative to focus on that is about tapping back in to that urge to create without worrying about whether or not it's going to be the next big thing. I also thought it might help me dig a little deeper into my creative side and maybe even improve my skill set. So I'm calling it #makingeveryday and I will be posting something new every day until the end of the year! It may be paintings like this one (from Day 2) or a new recipe or some other creative endeavor. So here we go!