I am super proud to announce that CDS A+D has been featured alongside many other fab Makers across the country in Country Living Magazine. The feature highlighted American Made products from each state. This is my very first product feature in a magazine and I couldn't be more thrilled! If you get the chance, check out page 30 of the July/August 2014 issue and you will see the Ombre Rain Pillow Cover, front and center.

Starting this business has been one of the most rewarding and hardest things I have ever done. There are days when it all makes sense and things are falling into place (with no lack of effort on my part!). And then there are days when I am just exhausted and discouraged. There was a time when I was working in day job after day job that just didn't fit and wondering if/when/how I was going to make a more meaningful livelihood for myself. I have come so far from that time and place and those day jobs. This dream is so big to me, and little milestones (like a magazine feature) make me feel like I am doing it right.

I also feel compelled to spread the word: if there is something you want in life, chase it down! Be persistent and fight through the doubt and worry. You will be so glad you did.