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Happy New Year! The beginning of a fresh year is always exciting for me--so many ideas for growth and change. I don't know why I wait, but usually by about November of each year, anything "new" I have swimming around in my brain gets put into the "I'll do that in January" pile. If there's just one thing that I can pinpoint that brought me the most personal growth as it relates to my business in 2014, it was the #makingeveryday challenge. I started that project with a real fear of putting new work out into the world that wasn't perfect or really well thought through. But once I started posting updates, I received SO much positive feedback that it...

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how to wear it: flared leg jeans

1:Cotton Silk Scarf   2:Bucket Bag (Coming soon to   3:Suede Booties   4:Chunky Sweater   5:Flared Leg Jeans   6:Statement Necklace   7:Copper Wrist Cuff Flared jeans will always hold a special place in my heart. Skinny jeans have been all the rage over the last several years, but I am happy to report that the flare is on it's way back in! This outfit could be my go-to on just about any day of the week, and is perfect for running errands around town in casual-cool style. Pair your flares with a heeled bootie so the flare doesn't drag the ground (and it can flow in all it's glory). Top it off with a chunky sweater, colorful scarf,...

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exploration + why it matters

I was having a conversation with a dear friend this weekend, who is also a creative entrepreneur, about what it is exactly that makes one person's products or art stand out against another's. Art is so subjective, and everyone's tastes vary a little. But the one thing my friend and I settled on that seems to be the key to making something great is the heated pursuit of exploration in one's work. That almost obsessive need to make something the best it can be and experiment endlessly with it. And you can see it in the work of others. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint. Some people are able to employ this deeper feeling in their work, even if it's not marketed to...

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Upcoming Holiday Shows + Product Development

I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus...not to say that I have ever been that consistent with blogging. But a few months ago, I though that I would start writing a new post every Monday. Turns out, it's really easy to put that off! So, here I am, with updates. First, I wanted to post a quick run-down of a couple of shows I will be doing this December (where did the year go?): December 6: St. Mary's Artists & Artisans Faire in Virginia City, NV.  This is my first time doing this show, but I am very excited to participate! I'll be there between 10-4 on Saturday, along with lots of other great makers and artists. You can learn...

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New products + a discount

So I finally listed the newest jumbo storage bins in the shop! For a limited time (until Thursday at midnight, West Coast time), these will all be available for pre-order at 20% off. After that, the price goes back up and I will have a limited quantity available. I really just want to see how these do in the marketplace! I love them, and have already started using the prototypes in my own home. We have a small home with very limited storage space, so these are being put to use for fabric storage, electrical cord storage (where did all those cords come from!?), and I even use one as my string/fabric scraps trash bin when I am sewing. I have been...

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